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Taiwan Largest Mill-Drill Turning Machine

  • Handling turning, milling, engraving and drilling on curved
  • Surfaces of large and long cylindrical workpieces, this machine is designed for the precision turning and milling of large-size printing rollers, straight-tooth shaft couplings, main shafts, main shaft bearing caps, main-shaft lubricating sleeves, yokes, scrolls, and cambered parts for shafts
  • High PDI 0.001'

High Rigidity, High Precision Spindle

  • Encased in well ribbed headstock for maximum heat dissipation. Thick cast iron casting to dampen vibrations
  • Angular thrust bearings to absorb axial cutting foreces. Roler bearings with large bearing areas facilitate heavy cutting

Direct coupled ballscrews

  • High precision preloaded ballscrews for reduced backlash
  • Direct coupling eliminates motor backlash and improves torque transmission characteristics
  • Absence of belt or gear drives remove transmission vibration

Slant Bed Design

  • Torque tube cast into incline to prevent bed twisting
  • 45° incline gives adds rigidity to bed structure
  • Erogonomic design offers easy access to turret for tool changing Improves chip disposal

CS Main Spindle

C axis 0.001 high precision. It is the most stable electric control and the most complete design

Hydraulic Brake

Two-step brake system, offers the best working choice for users

Programmable Tailstock

  • Mounted on slideways for maximum clamping stability
  • Smooth tow along action by turret
  • Hydraulic clamping to bed with variable hydraulic pressure to tailstock quill. All tailstock movements programmable by M-code

Separation System for Oil & Coolant

  • A drip tray cast into bed is used to catch waste lubrication oil from Z axis slideway and ballscrew
  • The drip tray is sloped so that the oil can flow to an outlet at the rear of the machine
  • This system reduces contamination or dilution of the cutting fluid

Ball Screw Structure

  • Using C3 degree ballscrew and making better precision in position accuracy
  • Using strong lubrication system, confirming the precision of ballscrew and raising the life

Hardened Box Slideways

  • Cast-iron slideways for maximum rigidity. Modular grey cast iron offers ideal friction properties without sacrificing toughness
  • Heat treated using high frequency inductio heating to produce a wrap around structure with hard wearresistance surface & tough internal core
  • A depth of 5mm for maximum wear resistance, ensuring accuracies are held throughout machine life

Standard Accessories

  1. Hydraulic Chuck
  2. Servo Turret
  3. Programmable Tailstock
  4. Hydraulic System
  5. Coolant System
  6. Aut Lubrication
  7. Work Light (Three Colors)
  8. Hard jaw and soft jaw per one

Optional Accessories

  1. Auto Door
  2. Tool Probe
  3. Parts catcher
  4. Transformer
  5. High Pressure Pump
  6. Bar Feeder
  7. Bar Feeder Interface
  8. C-Axis
  9. Y-Axis
  10. Built-in Spindle
  11. Sub-Spindle
  12. Gantry Robot
  13. Chip Conveyor
  14. Spindle Air Blow Device



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