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Bed Way

  • Mono type bed way with Kingston's own unique casting iron formula "FC 38 grade". Well-balanced strong rib structure allows for heavy loading
  • Available up to 10 meters in all CNC models

Headstock and Main Spindle

  • Main spindles of CG, CK, CPX and CP models are 380mm, 320mm, 235mm and 180mm respectively. Each contains a rear chuck adaptor that is easily adaptable to various jobs
  • The main spindle is supported by two sets of extra heavy duty tapered roller precision bearings
  • Headstocks have 4 gear shifts controlled by hydraulics which produce greater torque
  • A rigid and thicker spindle wall makes it ideal for cutting heavy and extremely hard materials
  • Enforced oil lubrication keeps the headstock temperature constant to ensure the work piece is turned accurately even during extended operation

Carriage and Cross Slide

  • The bed way has two V ways creating more surface contact and allowing for greater carriage stability and fine and heavy cutting capabilities
  • Carriage and Cross guide way are box way design with Turcite B
  • Auto lubrication unit provides set volume to the running component parts reducing heat and wear out
  • AC servo motor 4HP and 7HP drive the X and Z axis, respectively and use P 2 class ball screws


  • There are three types of tailstocks to choose from:
    1. Quill with MT#6, quill operated manually (Standard)
    2. Quill with MT#6, quill operated either electrically or manually
    3. Rotating spindle with Nose A2-5 and Center MT#6, which can be operated electrically and manually, two in one
  • The movement of tailstock is carried out either by carriage engagement or manual operation with 4 sets of lifting bearings which are built-in under the tailstock
  • The diameter of built-in rotating spindle is 180mm with 250mm stroke

Chip Conveyor

Chip conveyor with coolant tank and pump is designed as one unit to allow for easy cleaning and maintenance

Head Stock

Headstock and main spindle have optimal gear ratio producing maximum torque output

Carriage and Cross Slide

Carriage and cross slide are rigid box way design. The wider cross slide and larger contact surface of carriage and V ways produces stable and smooth movement

Tool Turret

H4/H6 or V8 250 hydraulic turret is standard. VDI H4 turrets, Servo V8 turret and live tooling turrets are optional and can create a variety of workpieces


Tailstock utilizes 180mm quill with MT#6 center creating a strong and attractive body.

180mm rotating spindle with Nose A2-5 and Center MT#6 is extremely versatile


  1. FANUC controller 0iTD / 10.4' LCD / Manual Guide i
  2. Rear chuck adaptor
  3. V8 or H4/H6 with tooling
  4. Working light
  5. Tailstock with 180mm quill
  6. Chip conveyor suitable of lathe lenghts
  7. Operation annual, parts list manual, system handbook
  8. Complete splash guard in rear side, two doors in front side

Option Accessories

  1. Hydraulic chuck
  2. 5 degree C axis
  3. 1/1000 Index C axis
  4. Servo V8 turret
  5. VDI H4 turret
  6. 3 jaw scroll chuck
  7. 4 jaw independent chuck
  8. CE safety requirements
  9. Complete splash guard
  10. Boring bar support 153mm (6') with 100mm (4') sleeve
  11. Rotary type spindle tailstock with nose A2-5 and center MT#6, which operated by electric and manual
  12. Two points roller bracket
  13. Transformer 60 KVA
  14. Oil cooler for headstock



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